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Tor Browser Bundle Free. Protect your privacy and defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis. Pocket for Chrome Free. Save all of your content in one place, so you can view it anytime, on any device. Grammarly for Chrome Free. Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant. Brave Free. Browse faster and safer with automatic ad and tracker blocker. Epic Privacy Browser Free. Get the Web browser with integrated privacy protection and proxy.

Apple Safari Free. Browse the Web with speed and an elegant interface. Google Chrome bit Free. Explore the Web using Google’s super-efficient, personalized, synced, and secured browser.

Internet Explorer Free. Surf the Web with the latest browser from Microsoft. Mozilla Firefox bit Free. It lets you chat on IRC network. Use numerous addons, plugins, and extensions. You can create your own extensions if you want and share them to SeaMonkey Community. Lunascape is a free web browser.

It is based upon three popular rendering engines Webkit, Gecko, and Trident. It provides you many useful features such as engine auto-switch, support for Gecko add-ons, quick search, tab lock, shift lock, cascade view, versatile tab menu, full screen mode, large screen mode, Luna ID coordination, mouse gestures, advanced search engines, skins, ticker, URL blocker, etc.

Epic Browser is one of the best internet browsers. It is specially developed to maintain your privacy while net surfing. Extensions are blocked, you can only use extensions from Epic Webstore. On closing, it will erase all browsing data in order to keep your browsing safe and secure.

Alienforce is a free internet browser. It is based upon Firefox. Alienforce browser loads webpages faster. It is compatible with various Firefox extensions.

The homepage of Alienforce displays recently closed websites, frequently visited sites, and favorites. It features tabbed browsing. It provides shortcuts to popular sites such as Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. SRWare Iron is a free cross platform internet browser. It also available for android. It is based on Chromium source code. It looks like Chrome and contains almost its all features. You can use a numerous adds-on and work with multiple websites at a time.

A webpage can be saved as bookmark. A drop down list is available on upper rightmost side having options of incognito windows, download, history, etc. OhHai Browser is a free internet browser.

It is based upon Internet Explorer. OhHai Browser provides you some useful and cool features for example it locks the screen of the browser and provides password protection to it. OhHai Browser offers you tabbed browsing. It is a lightweight software. Yandex Browser is based upon Chromium and is free to use. Yandex works fast on slower connections and provides you some really interesting features. Yandex also imports your bookmarks and history from other web browsers installed in your computer.

YRC Weblink is a simple web browser. It lets you work in a safe environment. It also offer you to secure the browser with password. Browzar is a free and simple web browser. It lets you surf the web anonymously without revealing your identity. When you close this browser it removes all of your browsing history, all cookies, and object created during your web browsing session.

Browzar offers a variety of themes to you. Installation or registration is not required for Browzar. It offers a lot of features, such as tabbed browsing, popup blocker, text size modification, etc. Usejump Browser is a free and secure internet browser. It is based on Webkit.

It has its own search engine which can be enabled and disabled. It offers you multiple tabbed browsing. So you can easily customize bookmarks, view history, and many more. It also lets you browse many social sites and popular websites in single click. Although it contains all basic options with many advanced options, most of the time it shows script error. Dooble is a simple, secure, and fast web browser. It makes your internet surfing easy and interesting with its features to manage history, bookmarks, cookies, etc.

Some of its nice features are:. Polarity is one if the best web browsers to browse internet on your PC. It is based on dual engine browsing i. Chromium and Trident render engines.

It has user friendly interface which lets you browse multiple webpages at a time. It also supports lots of extensions, adds-on, apps, and themes. Crazy Browser is a free and powerful internet browser. Its main features are: tabbed browsing, smart popup blocker, inbuilt ad blocker, plug-ins, customizable mouse navigation, snap windows, page navigation, quick downloads, keyword based search, display and remove browsing history, auto-complete on, integrated Google search, full screen mode, handle multiple monitors, zooming of web pages, etc.

Crazy Browser provides you a safe and secure web browsing experience. Deepnet Explorer is a free internet browser.

You will find all basic options like on another web browser. It also supports multiple tab browsing but you cannot see any icon or option for this. You have to type a URL in search engines, it will open the webpage in new tab. It has many options which makes your net surfing easy such as bookmark, favorite, home, refresh, backward, forward, stop, advert killers, phishing alarm, content filter, etc. K-Meleon is a free internet browser.

It is based upon Gecko layout engine of Mozilla Firefox. K-Meleon lets you browse web in a faster and secure way. It supports tabbed browsing, mouse gesture and is available in several languages. You can also customize its menus, macros, accelerators, and toolbar buttons by editing their configuration files.

It is a lightweight web browser. Browse3D i s a free internet browser. It provides quick access to numerous Web pages visually. It lets you display multiple pages in a single window. The main features of Browse3D are following:. Pale Moon is a cross platform free internet browser.

It is available for Windows and Linux. It has a nice collection of plugins and extensions. It offers you to work with different websites at a time using multiple tabs.

If you feel difficulty in finding a specific tab while working on many tabs together, then you can search the tab using List all tab option. It has its own search engine called DuckDuckGo. It is based on WebKit rendering engine. It also supports chrome store. Its main features is to protect your PC by filtering malicious links, sites, and data.

It helps you to use internet in a secure environment. Epsilon Browser is one of the browsers with simple interface. It has few buttons, menu bar, search options, etc. You can simply add and close multiple tabs by their respective icons. It also contains, refresh, back, forward, and home buttons like other browsers.

Surebo Browselorer is a free internet browser. The main featuers of Surebo Browselorer are following:. You also have the option to lock this browser with a password. This provides security to your history, bookmarks, and other stuff.

Hacker Browser is a free web browser. It provides you a safe, smart, and quick way to explore the web. Hacker Browser runs much faster as compared to other free browsers because it has a multithreaded architecture. It is compatible with various plug-ins and extensions. This browser includes web proxy, web filter, and anti key-logger surfing protection.

It also offers tabbed browsing. It is a portable software. You can explore a number of search engines simultaneously in a single click of shortcut icons on homepage. You can create and save these shortcut icons by yourself. UltraBrowser is one of the best browsers. It is compatible with Internet Explorer with some extra features.

You have to use multiple windows instead of multiple tabs. It secures your favorites and bookmarks with password. You can easily search popular sites for musics, social networks, videos, news, etc. All these options are available on Homepage and can be navigated with a single click.

Fizzik Browser is a freeware browser which can play multimedia files. Shortcuts of Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter are available and these icons navigate you to respective social websites in a single click. Bookmark shortcuts lets you bookmark webpages easily. You can view news websites, download and watch videos from YouTube, etc. It supports multi-tabbed browsing, so you can enjoy many websites simultaneously. Pink Browser is a free IE browser specially made for girls.

The main features of Pink Browser are following:. Otter Browser is a free and simple internet browser. Its main features are following:. DustyNet is a free internet browser. It is a portable application and runs easily from a USB flash drive.

On its main toolbar, you can see a standard menu with various options such as save and open webpages, Print and Print Preview, etc. It offers you tabbed browsing for a cool web browsing experience. There are also various buttons on its main interface such as Back, Forward, Home, and Refresh.

DustyNet browser also has integrated Google search function and an address bar. K-browser is a free internet browser for exploring the web. It is created for ease of use and safe browsing. The main features of K-browser are following. It requires. Net Framework to be installed on your PC.

It has almost the same features as other web browsers. It has a customizable homepage with favorite list, bookmarks, history, etc. Parental control option lets you block inappropriate web contents using password.

The default browser of parent control is net search , which can be changed. Open New Tab Page opens new tab. You can also open and close a tab by right click. It contains shortcut icons on homepage for some websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

ACNE is a free web browser. There are no fancy features in ACNE such as tool bars, list of favorites, and tabs etc.

But it is compatible with JavaScript, flash, and other latest web technologies. This browser is ideal for those users who browse web regularly but do not need fancy features and also want to surf the web without their bosses knowledge. By only one click of the mouse can restore it. Veetle Browser is a simple free web browser. It offers you to watch and stream videos of good quality. It has a list of movies, animated movies, musics, games, TV channels, etc, on right side.

You just have to choose any one of them and enjoy. It lets you work on multiple webpages in separate tabs. WbBrowse is a cross platform web browsing. It is available for Windows, Linux, and OSx. WbSrch search engine is its search engines and its is based on Qt Libraries. You will also find a music search engines on the right top of the screen which offers you to search your favorite musics.

Apart from these, it has all basic features of web browsers like menu bar, search bar, settings, bookmark, etc. It supports multi-tab browsing but you cannot simply find any options to open a new tab. You will find this option in right click context menu.

SportsBrowser is a free web browser specially designed for sports lover. It automatically finds related sports news of the website you are searching. Quick Video Introduction.

Sign up to receive news and tips of SlimBrowser:. The quickfill form filler is my favorite feature. It’s also the fastest web browser among all the web browser I’ve tried on my windows 7 box. Easy to use with powerful features. Site group feature great for research purpose. Auto login, pop up blocker, all the stuff you come to expect from a great internet browser.

After you get used to it, I swear you will never go back. Been using SlimBrowser for longer than I can remember. SlimBrowser is a fast, smooth web browser that is light, bright and customizable to your own needs. It is the fastest browser to load among all net browsers. I have used SlimBrowser for years.

It is fast, easy to use and fully-packed with great functions. If you want a slick web browser that runs fast and smoothly with no crashes or freeze-ups, you will definitely like slimbrowser. SlimBrowser is extremely flexible to configure and customize to suit your own personal taste. While being the latest browser, it lacks some extensions, plug-ins, and add-ons which are being gradually updated from time to time. Maxthon is one of the earliest cloud web browsers supporting running cloud applications and syncing on the device.

It provides web cloud storage to all its users for backup and storage. Maxthon comes with lots of pre-installed tools like a screenshot tool, built-in Adblock Plus, night mode, password manager, a notepad, a calculator, and a tool to capture video and web pages. Trident is an ancient and modern site, and web apps work sloppy on Trident due to a lack of compatibility. However, Maxthon is an entirely stable browser and has frequent updates from the developers.

Maxthon is a great browser, but it does not have as many good extensions available on its store as Chrome does. The browser is very customizable.

Chromium is exactly like Google Chrome. However, many things in Chromium are not like Google chrome. Even more, Chromium does not have a default player. However, Chromium Browser must be updated and installed manually and has no built-in media codec support. Since Chromium is an open-source browser, the source code is updated daily, and there are frequent updates, thus making it not the most stable browser.

The Torch browser is a chromium-based browser with a built-in torrent downloader, which means you can directly open and download torrent files from your browser. Since it is based on Chromium, its speed is similar to Chrome.

It also has a media grabber tool that you can use to download any videos—audio, etc. Torch also includes download accelerators like the turbo mode of Opera. The UI is precisely similar to Google Chrome, so you will have no difficulty using the Torch if you are a Chrome user.

But you can remove it later and enjoy browsing. UC browser is one of the fastest web browsers for Windows. UC is very popular on the Android platform but has lost its quality due to its ads bombarding over time. However, the browser also has a desktop version for Windows. Its interface is similar to Microsoft Edge but has many different features than Legacy Edge.

You can change the appearance to make it look appealing with theme support. Also, it is only available on the Windows device as both a desktop app and a UWP app. The features make the browser very comfortable for surfing around the web, but there is a lack of extension support. The only thing that keeps this browser at the bottom list is its origin country. These Windows PC browsers are some of the most advanced and feature-rich browsers from reputable software companies.

You can easily use them with confidence and trust. All of them are configured with the latest features and security, so do check them out! I use the Google Chrome browser on all my devices.

I also helped my mother set up the best browser for Windows OS. She was more than happy about it! Chrome provides a personalized user experience, whereas Firefox is a privacy-centric browser with better usability. Microsoft Edge is a pre-install Windows Browser that is considered the best browser.



Windows browsers free download.Download Browser For Windows 10 – Best Software & Apps

Download Web browsers – Software for Windows. Download Respondus Lockdown Browser, Internet Explorer, Opera Browser and more. Download Web Browsers software and apps for Windows. Download apps like SSuite Download. Fast, free, and easy to use private browser from Avast.


Download Browsers apps for Windows – Free Software & reviews.Download Browser For Windows 10 – Best Software & Apps

Internet Explorer is the default web browser for Windows. You don’t need to download this web browser on your PC because it comes pre-loaded with Windows. It. Apart from Windows OS, we can download and install chrome browsers on all major you can sync data via logging into the free Mozilla Firefox account. Download the Opera browser for computer, phone, and tablet. Opera for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS. Free VPN, Ad blocker, built-in messengers.

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