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To get started, click a button to download the game installer. If you haven’t already, create your game account. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Free Download PC game in a pre-installed direct link. Download the game instantly and play without installing.


Lord of the ring game free download for pc.Download The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth (Windows)


The Story is very interesting. It based on some strategy. The player can play the game as the role of both evil or a good character. He can choose the player as per his wish. Between the game he has the opportunity to change the player character. The player has to try not to get dead. He fight with the enemies until the game is run out of time.

If the player gets died in the game. Then he has to restart the game from the same level. This is a challenging game. It requires a lot of different skills for the player to accomplish his missions. You may also like another very interesting game called State of Decay. Download it free from our website. The player has to choose the weapons and skills according to his needs.

A large numbers of new characters have also been added in this story. Each character has its own voice. His own facial characteristics and expressions. Player has to finish 8 missionary levels. He will face different hurdles, war mines set by enemies. While crossing those hurdles he has to reach to the final point of the game. If you like this game. Download it free from our site and let us know how it goes. Following are the main features of Lord of the Ring Conquest that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

It is a full and complete game. Just download and start playing it. We have provided direct link full setup of the game. A multiplayer game. Lord of the Ring Conquest Free Download. Advertise With Us. Follow Us. Game Request Section. Never Miss A Game. Alexa Rank.


[The Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring – Old Games Download


Based on all three films from Peter Jackson’s titanic trilogy, this is a work of supreme detail and quality, shoehorning many of the celluloid adventures’ best merits and moments into two campaigns Good and Evil of equal excellence, tension and entertainment.

As you’d expect from a high-budget game based on one of the most accomplished trilogies ever created, TBFME simply brims with references and content from the films. From the voiceovers well, most of them anyway and storylines to the map of Middle-earth and the replication of each character and unit, it’s authentic enough to satisfy Tolkien fans, yet rarely ” overwhelming to a Lord Of The Rings newcomer.

From the very first time the sprawling map of Middle-earth unfurls on your monitor, you’re left in no doubt about the game’s quality. The boxy, clunky interface of RTS games of old has been replaced by a beautifully streamlined and intuitive control system that disposes with the tedium of manually upgrading buildings and the necessity to construct just one unit at a time.

Every command is now just two or three mouse clicks away, while troops now spawn in squads. Well for starters, raising an army takes a fraction of the time than in many other RTS games, giving you more time to concentrate on combat and conquering your opponent. And that’s got to be a good thing, right?

While the two campaigns are fairly unique in terms of storyline, both feature the same three mission categories. The simplest of these are the Fellowship missions, which task you with either leading the Ring Bearer Frodo and his protectors safely through dangerous territories such as the Mines of Moria, or if you’re playing the Evil campaign , thwarting the Fellowship’s progress.

These are quick-fire missions that are usually over within minutes, more action-based than strategic and usually bereft of any type of resource management. Defensive and offensive siege missions require you to either fortify your defences before repelling an enemy assault, or mass your forces and storm an enemy stronghold. The defensive levels are without question the most emotionally enthralling sections of TBFME, with your outnumbered forces struggling against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Things reach a feverish climax of adrenal gland-drying carnage towards the game’s latter stages, when you get to relive the visually spectacular battles of Helm’s Deep and Minas Tirith. During the few precious moments you’re given before the enemy swarm upon you, you must frantically line your walls with archers, identify the different tiers of each fortress so you can fall back and regroup when things are looking bleak and plug any holes in your defences.

Suddenly, the uneasy calm is broken by war horns, heralding the arrival of the enemy and the commencement of hostilities. Men quiver in fear as the enemy approaches, just one example of the many emotions depicted by the game’s intuitive Emotion engine. Your ears pound with rushing blood, bellowed war cries and finally, the clashing of steel as baying orcs and Uruk-Hai scale the walls with siege ladders and pound at your buckling gates with fearsome battering rams.

And save for a few clumsy moments especially if you’re attacking when your troops won’t do as you tell them to, there’s very little to find fault with in these encounters. The third mission type – basebuilding and conquering – is also the most common. It’ll be instantly familiar if you’re an RTS fan, tasking you to build bases and expand your holdings on the map to try to strangle your opponent’s resource gathering capabilities and ultimately eliminate every enemy unit and building from the level.

These maps are dotted with designated base-spawning areas, some of which enable you or the enemy to build mighty fortresses that you can pack with an array of buildings, while others act as smaller outposts with only three spaces on which to erect new structures. With the location of your bases out of your hands, you’re literally forced to explore each level and track down new building sites, then defend them against enemy onslaughts, a feature which really bolsters the game’s strategic depth.

Once you’ve built a base, you can start producing units and upgrades, such as improved swords, armour and shields. The more units or items a building produces, the more experience it gains. Once you’ve used a building enough, it automatically upgrades to the next level, unlocking new units and power-ups for you to explore and construct. It’s a beautifully simple interface, and with little micro-management clogging up your time and attention, there’s plenty more scope for concentrating on the action-haemorrhaging battles.

But first, a complaint. There’s one very major fault with some of TBFME’s base-building missions, something that’s blighted these types of games for a decade and that sadly hasn’t been fully rectified here. With resource gathering still playing a major role in proceedings farms and blacksmiths for the Good side, lumber yards, furnaces and slaughterhouses for the Evil side , these levels can at times deteriorate into wars of attrition, with neither side being able to seize the initiative.

Either that, or they’re just too damn easy. When the former happens, missions can become ultrafrustrating and repetitive, with enemy attacks concentrated on the same few locations with exactly the same types of unit. By the time you do finally manage to prevail, you’re just relieved that the mission is over, rather than feeling any sense of satisfaction. What’s more, in these situations, you rarely if ever feel as though you’re being out-thought by the Al, which seems to prefer relying on brute strength rather than guile.

Oh, and while I’m pointing out negatives, sometimes the Al units can stand around and watch you destroy their base without reacting – though admittedly, this is a rarity. For starters, mastering combined arms and height advantage, as well as utilising each unit type’s strengths, weaknesses and formations which you can combine with those of other units to gain an extra advantage are now essential skills for you.

Cavalry are excellent against infantry and archers, their charges sending stationary foot soldiers carving through the air and thudding violently onto the floor. But try charging headfirst into a well-organised group of pikemen, and you’ll find horse kebab on special at most local taverns before the day’s out. Archers are nippy and great at range, but virtually useless up close, while infantry can wipe out a group of pikemen without suffering many losses.

Believe me, just throwing all your men into battle and hoping they beat the Al won’t get you very far here. The sheer scope of some of the battles is immense, with scores or even hundreds of troops clashing at once. In fact, with the exception of Rome: Total War, there are few other RTS games which come even close to achieving the sheer brutality and believability of virtual warfare as TBFME, though some of the sieges, such as Helm’s Deep, could have done with being a little larger in scale.

What’s more, with each level also featuring at least one of your favourite heroes from the films to lead your troops into battle see I Can Be Your Hero, Baby’, , you’ve got a formula for some of the most captivating battle scenes ever found in an RTS. And what of the units, which have been lovingly recreated from the films? Watching a sea of charging cavalry is an awesome sight, their hooves kicking up dust and rumbling like thunder as they gallop at the enemy before hitting them like a tidal wave.

Uruk-Hai pikemen march with spears, roaring gutturally and lowering their giant toothpicks at an angle to impale advancing foes, while their crossbow-toting counterparts can upgrade their projectiles with fire. Cave trolls lumber around dumbly, picking up felled tree trunks and scattering their opponents with fierce swipes, while Balrogs are immense beasts of fire and shadow that can take to the air and call upon an array of arcane powers.

And let’s not forget the graceful multi-talented elves who can become invisible in woods and fire their projectiles devastatingly far, or the gigantic Oliphonts giant elephants with their spike-covered tusks.

Best of all though are the Ents. Slow and cumbersome but powerful, these walking trees can kill dozens of enemies with one giant kick or slap, and should they come into contact with fire, run manically with arms flailing to the nearest water source to douse themselves.

The Battle For Middle-Earth is simply spilling over with attention to detail, making it one of the most charming and charismatic strategy games ever created. Zoom into the breathtaking visuals and you’ll find Uruks being pulled out of Uruk Pits in muddy jackets, cows being herded into slaughterhouses and coming out the other side as giant slabs of meat and farmers tilling the land on farms. Multi Instance Sync. Play the game from different accounts and build your own empire.

Use Multi-instance sync to repeat the action in the main BlueStacks instance on all other instances. Eco Mode. Find the rarest heroes by making multiple summons in The Lord of the Rings: War. Farm efficiently. Get the best results.

Read Less Read More. Project Lost Blade. Similar Games. It is the full version of the game. You need these programs for the game to run. Always disable your anti virus before extracting the game to prevent it from deleting the crack files. Guardians of Middle-earth Windows league of legends for windows 7 lord of the rings games moba for windows 7 moba games.

Windows lord of the rings games strategy games strategy games for windows war game. Windows lego lego for windows lego games lego games for windows lego games for windows 7.

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest 4. Good versus evil in Middle Earth. It’s a similar rock-paper-scissors unit approach. And the heroes function in almost exactly the same way. Similar power recharge rates, and when they die, you can bring them back to life. All of this is pretty odd when you consider Sierra’s claim that War of the Ring is based on Liquid Entertainment’s Battle Realms engine and not on Blizzard’s work.

War of the Ring manages to innovate in some clever ways. Every campaign mission has a nice touch. In one, the dwarves have to rescue, defend, and repair a giant catapult that you can use to rain death on the enemy. In another, workers must destroy a bridge as warriors fend off the attackers. There are barriers, ambushes, surprise attacks, and missions that require quick thinking and cunningly using your hero’s powers. Some of the later twists count as minor innovations to RTS storytelling. The opening of the “Good” campaign takes place East of the Misty Mountains and tells the story of how each member of the Fellowship fought the beginnings of the war before heading out to Rivendell to ask for help.

The Dwarves of the Iron Mountain, led in battle by Gimli, fight off orcs. Legolas hunts down Gollum in Mirkwood and stumbles upon an orc invasion. And Boromir leads his men against the forces of Mordor as they try to cross into Osgiliath. This is all loosely based on Tolkien’s writing, but some of it might give purist fans fits. The campaign eventually reaches key moments covered in the books like Helm’s Deep and brings us to the War of the Ring itself. The second campaign has you playing the bad guys and dealing with these pesky heroes out to stem your foul tide.

How the Ring Bearer fits into this story, we won’t spoil. The “Evil” side plays a little differently; they mine the same resources, food and ore, but they can’t build without a Slave Master unit. These brutes have lots of hit points, but deal out little damage essentially, they’re mobile “farms”.

Their purpose is to motivate their fellow units, and to construct poles in the ground that corrupt it like a disease. This makes the evil side more flexible when it comes to raiding and to constructing new bases. Heroes don’t gain mana like in Warcraft III; they gain fate points through combat. This makes them more effective fighters, but it requires you to seek out a fight with the enemy as much as possible, using a hero as a raider. This is odd when your hero is Frodo There aren’t any creeps to take on those neutral beasts that populate Warcraft III’s world so this means you’ll be running into the real enemy.

Watch out in multiplayer; make sure that you kill the enemy hero every time he comes calling. Meet him in force, preferably with your own hero or ranged attackers, to reduce how many fate points he’s gathering. The unit AI is mediocre.

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