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Make sure it used before the end of docume nt. Case insensitive. Only use official names Jungle troopers, Deep savers, Nightmare Soldiers Only use official names. In-training, rookie, mega NO super ultimate. Digimon name must be in one line. The program starts parsing data right after 5 stars appears on begining line. Dolphmon evoA: Whamon evoB: Megaeadramon. MegaSeadramon evoA: MetalSeadramon. MetalSeadramon evoA: GigaSeadramon. Plesiomon evoA: Leviamon. Airdramon evoA: Piximon. Cherubimon evoA: Qinglongmon.

Beowulfmon evoA: AncientGarurumon. Phoenixmon evoA: Zhquiaomon. Valkryimon evoA: Varodurumon. Ravemon evoA:Ravemon Burst Mode. Slayerdramon evoA:Examon. Ophanimon evoA: Ophanimon Core Mode. Puppetmon evoA: Ebonwumon. GranKuwagamon evoA: GrandisKuwagamon. Dorumon evoA: Dorugamon. Dukemon evoA: Dukemon Crimson Mode. Imperialdramon evoA: Imperialdramon Fighter Mode. WarGreymon evoA: Omegamon. MetalGarurumon evoA: Omegamon.

Dorugoramon evoA: Alphamon. Chrysalimon evoA: Infermon. Taomon evoA: Sakuyamon evoB: Sakuyamon. Beelzemon evoA: Beelzemon Blast Mode.

Diaboromon evoA: Armageddonmon. Xiaomon evoA: Commandramon. Darkdramon evoA: Omekamon. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. User Settings. Skip carousel.

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My goal for the past few years is to archive every single versions of this game. Though I think that the developer doesn’t want to mirror most of the things he would release due to him not earning any exposure and probably income from those mirror, which is completely understandable. I can see it similar to cracking for a non-paid, free to play game. That said I wouldn’t post my archive here but with some exceptions I would gladly share it with you guys, or better yet a much healthier way of getting all of the versions is to go and visit our Discord Channel and check out the download pin right now.

Timeline and more information about missing versions. Last edited by trecklerzzz on Sun Mar 17, am; edited 1 time in total. DMPC 3. Last edited by trecklerzzz on Sun Mar 17, am; edited 1 time in total Reason for editing : Title Color. I know that this will be a hard to find case knowing that it might be a limited editing version of DMPC since it did say that it was a Christmas edition. There’s nothing much I could search out there that could really help me out with this.

This is the previous version of what we use today, the most stable version of all the other DMPCs. I guess this is a dead hunt and I no longer have to look for this because it is alright to let go. There are no major change that we have to preserve from Version 3.



[DMPC Data | PDF | Virtual Reality | Sequel


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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter MindlessInterest Start date Mar 17, Help Support TamaTalk:. Status Not open for further replies. MindlessInterest Member. Joined Mar 17, Messages 5 Reaction score 2. It is reminiscent of the real Digimon virtual pets, though it isn’t quite the same. Features include: -Choosing a specific Digimon family to raise ex.

Deep Savers -Playing mini-games which also equal as training to raise your Digimon in specific ways that lead to different evolutions -An online battle function that allows you to battle with other users over the internet via a Hamatchi server -Care taking features such as feeding and cleaning after it -And in DMPC Pro, a coliseum mode that serves as sort of an in-game battle function it isn’t that great honestly. So, the reason I am posting about this program is because the number of people who are using the program are fading away.

Not many people are still interested in virtual pets, or Digimon for that matter. I am hoping that by posting here, more users will start to use the program and enjoy playing it. I would post links to sites where you could look for information, find downloads to the programs and such, but I don’t want to unintentionally advertise and end up getting this topic deleted it happened on another forum I posted on unfortunately..

So, if you want more info on this virtual pet, you can do a Google search, PM me, or something. There are many YouTube videos that show off the game as well. Now that that is all out of the way, are any of you using DMPC currently? Or are any of you interested in playing it? This malfunction can sometimes be cause to download a new program unfortunately. However, you Digimon will be safe as they are saved in special. Also, here are some pictures.

Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, Eternal Mametchi Fan Well-known member. Sounds cool! I’ll be sure to look for it and download it I’ve never tried a Digimon virtual pet before. Eternal Mametchi Fan said:. Click to expand SailorRosette Well-known member. Very yup. MagicMimitchi Well-known member. Sounds awesome! I love digimon and the digimon virtual pets. SailorRosette said:. MagicMimitchi said:.

Itsumo-nana Well-known member. Wow, that sounds promising! Itsumo-nana said:. SupahCow Well-known member. Joined Jan 11, Messages Reaction score This looks totally awesome! Always wanted A Digivice but never had one. Looking forward to this! WarOmnimon Well-known member. Glad someone bought this game up here! WarOmnimon said:.

SupahCow said:. Rei New member. Joined Jul 6, Messages 1 Reaction score 1. The latest playable versions for now are DMPC 3. The next one currently in devlopment will include its own connection system, some mini-games etc I thought that guy stopped developing his project so I didn’t check anymore: thanks for telling us. So the new update for this game will be coming to computers as well as Android and iOS?

That’s plain awesome. I will be playing this one on my Nexus 7 for sure. Thanks for letting everyone know! Latest posts R. Hi everyone! A new and hopefully active member just appeared! Got Mametchi! Tamagotchi Logs. Hello there. Hobbies other than Tamagotchi?

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