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Special stress in the “City Car Driving” simulator has been laid on a variety of different road situations and realistic car driving. Do you wish to earn with us? Read about our partnership affiliate program – here! Advanced users can use this special torrent-file for faster downloading.

Any older version must be uninstalled before installing this new one! Version 1. Now, during the exercise, you can stop and think whether you are doing everything right – and there will be no penalty for that!

Now the car checking process before driving occurs immediately! In connection with the changes, previously created records of driving sessions will not be played! The function can be turned on and off in the settings. In addition to the traffic rules changed: road signs, markings, traffic lights, as well as virtual speedometer shows speed in MPH.

US traffic rules are available for selection during the profile creation. If this function is activated traffic cops are being placed on some of road crossings with a probability specified in settings. Winter is designed not only cosmetically falling snow, snow textures, etc. Added the second district of a brand new virtual city: – 9 highly detailed courtyards; – 2 major transport interchanges; – 2 multi level car parks; – unique infrastructure. In this exercise it’s necessary to drive through a corridor and change the lane abruptly in a specified direction; – Elk test.

In this exercise it’s necessary to drive through a corridor, change the lane abruptly and then return to the initial lane. It makes possible to record a driving session – everything is being recorded in a file that can be played back in further. During the playback it’s possible to switch the camera view angles as in usual driving session. This feature is useful for better mistakes tracking during the driving.

If this function is activated pedestrians can suddenly cross the road in random places. If this function is activated random traffic lights are being broken during the driving session with a probability specified in settings.

Now not only the marking line crossing itself is under control, but also just a touching a marking line. Added the first district of a brand new virtual city: – more than 20 of highly detailed courtyards; – 3 major transport interchanges; – 3 large car parks; – 8 new landscape textures.

It’s used for new special defensive extreme driving exercises. For car wheels skidding and sliding effects. There will be generation of such events as: traffic cars driving on the opposite lane, etc. Added new special defensive extreme driving exercises: – snake with an offset; – snake with overall gate; – snake both forward and reverse; – turn-8; – emergency acceleration, emergency braking; – straight limited corridor; – pendulum between limiters; – limited circular corridor; – reversed tunnel gate.

Added an option of adjusting the mirrors. For practicing different techniques to achieve optimal braking skill and braking distance. You can not move in reverse: – at pedestrian crossings; – in tunnels; – on bridges; – at railway crossings; – on the motorway.

You can not turn around: – at pedestrian crossings; – in tunnels; – on bridges; – at railway crossings; Version 1. Routes can be defined as without any limitations set only a destination, and let the navigator pave the best route to it , and be represented as a small mission with a limited penalty scores for traffic rules violations user can choose what types of violations will be considered – all types of violations or only some types. Two of them are with an opportunity of nonlinear walkthrough.

Shadows are rendered much farther and more detailed nearby. Headlights became as bright as in DirectX 9 mode. Rules are controlled in a new way — system gives more detailed violation reports, as well as recommendations. I traffic cars on roundabouts. Cars began to comply with priority rules better, as well as use turn signals correctly. Increased their stability on the road. Behavior of pedestrians and A. Work of clutch and automatic transmission has been improved.

All player cars have been tuned. As result – car behavior became more realistic. The game perfomance in some exercises has been improved. Game loading became faster. Traffic AI has been optimized. Added sound effects for main menu elements. You can buy an activation key here.

To avoid problems with game launching run the installation file and the game itself with administrator privileges right click on it and choose “Run as administrator” in the context menu. During the installation process you should agree on installing all additional software, because it’s necessary for correct program operation. City Car Driving 1. More info. Full Version 1. Full Ver. Mirror 2. Join us! Home Edition Game version: 1. E-Mail: support citycardriving. Follow us!


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